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The Texas Tornado Shelter Installation Steps

Installing the Texas Tornado Storm Shelter is a straightforward proposition. Naturally we do all the heavy lifting:

Step 1 Photo of a typical backyard Site Selection - We consult with you to help prioritize desirable locations for your new Texas Tornado Storm Shelter. As a part of this step we will discuss options for dealing with any existing underground utilities that might be disturbed by the installation process.
Step 2 Truck & Equip. Arrive Truck Arrives - Hoist truck, Texas Tornado Storm Shelter and equipment arrive on the scene, ready to begin the installation
Step 3 hole is prepared Installation Site Is Prepared - Receiving hole is excavated to the proper depth and leveled.
Step 4 shell installation Shell Is Installed - Bottom portion of the Texas Tornado Storm Shelter is situated in the hole.
Step 5 Top of Shelter Installed photo Shelter Top Installed - The two sections of the Texas Tornado Storm Shelter joined and sealed with commercial grade sealant. Both sections are attached and secured with four structural steel straps.
Step 6 Installation Complete photo Installation Complete - excavated soil is pushed up around the shelter. The completed shelter is now ready for landscaping effects.

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