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Family Storm Shelter Installation - Pricing and Options

Through the years we have learned that many people have discovered that, with a few modifications, their Texas Tornado Storm Shelter can be used for other purposes. For example, some owners use the shelter as a quite place to read, meditate, or just be alone. Others might use the shelter to practice a musical instrument in privacy. Then too, we often find toys in the bottom of installed shelters, suggesting that kids may be using the shelter as a playroom. Whatever potential non-emergency use you are contemplating...we have a configuration that is certain to meet your needs.

Complete storm shelter installation-includes shelter, installation, and grading:

  • Smaller Urban Storm Shelter (4' X 6 ') $3,495
  • Regular Family Storm Shelter (6' X 8') $3495 (Special Pricing of $3,200 only through July 31, 2014)
  • Extended Family Storm Shelter (7' X 10') $5,400

There is a $200 non-refundable deposit due at the time of scheduling which comes off of the purchase price.

Options - Add ons

  • Extension that allows earth to cover the storm shelter - $495 additional (extension is available for all three sizes)
  • Utility access conduit - $100 additional- Through wall 1/2" pvc pipe installed to provide service access for customer installed light and/or phone as shown in the third photo below.
  • Light & electric package - $250 additional- Includes light, switch and plug receptacle as shown in the third photo below. Service line below the receptacle/switch and phone are not included.
  • Open Bench and carpet - $400 additional(See example of bench below right)
  • Rough cedar finish-out - $2,750 additional
    (See example below left - pillows, wall - and bench hangings not included)
    (Includes storage bench as shown and carpet)
Cedar Finished Storm Shelter
Cedar Finished Storm Shelter
Open Bench for Storm Shelter

Open bench - carpet not shown)

electrical option for storm shelter

Light and electric package
(tap light and phone are not included in this package)

Sorry but due to exceptionally high demand we intall tornado storm shelters only in Collin, Dallas, Denton, Fannin, Grayson and Hunt County, Texas and within a 50 mile radius of 3380 East University Drive, McKinney, Texas 75069..

If you are interested in purchasing one of our Texas Tornado Storm Shelter packages, please complete and submit the following form:

First Name:

Last Name:




Zip Code:



I'm interested in the following Texas Tornado Storm Shelter installation and options:

Smaller Urban Storm Shelter (4'X 6'), installation and grading $3,495

Regular Storm Shelter (6' X 8'), installation and grading: $3,200 through July 31, 2014

Larger Storm Shelter,(7' X 10'> installation and grading: $5,400

Optional Extension Kit: $495 additional

Utility access conduit ($100) additional

Light and electrical package ($250) additional. Utility access conduit price is included when this package is selected.

Storage bench and carpet ($400) additional

Rough cedar interior finish out ($2,750) additional

Describe any potential installation concerns you might have (i.e. overhead or burried power or other utilities, nearby trees, or severely sloping or wet site :

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