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The Texas Tornado Shelters

Our shelters are designed and constructed to protect you and your loved ones from any forces tornados are capable of producing. Each shelter is constructed of fiber and rebar reinforced concrete rated at a minimum of 6,000 psi. These shelters are far superior to competitor products which are constructed of fiberglass or steel.

We now offer Texas Tornado Shelters in four sizes of shelters - Plus we have above ground shelters as well.

  • Smaller Urban Shelter: 4' X 6' interior floor space.
  • Regular Tornado Shelter: 6' X 8' interior floor space.
  • Larger Tornado Shelter: 7' X 10' interior floor space.
  • Flat Top Shelter: 5' X 7' (only see 4" of shelter above ground)

Each Texas Tornado Storm Shelter has the following features:
  • 6' 1" distance between interior floor and ceiling
  • 4" of concrete in the floor, walls, and ceiling
  • every shelter holds at least 6 people plus household pets
  • gas operated door closer
  • 2' wide steps with handrails
  • 8" Turbine and 6" Vent
  • Tested and Approved steel door
  • Leak-proof 10 year limited warranty
  • Lifetime Structural Warranty to the original purchaser

All storm shelters are pictured on our FaceBook Page under our Albums.

An extension kit that allows dirt to cover the top of the shelter is available for an additional charge. Please see our FaceBook page for pictures.

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